PSI was established in 2005 as a home inspection company. Since then we have evolved into a full service professional inspection company, with over 30 years of experience in all facets of construction and inspection work. PSI has a team of educated construction and inspection professionals. We continue to educate, update and obtain new licenses and certifications to keep current with the latest advances and technologies available in the construction and inspection industry. With our diverse education and background, we offer professional services not seen by other companies. PSI is a service oriented company that understands the demand and urgency of our clients requirements.

Inspection Services

Manufactured Housing Inspections

We inspect newly set manufactured homes and ensure they are set to manufacturers requirements, along with compliance of the HUD Manufactured Housing Installation Program by completing the HUD 309 inspection Form. We know your schedule is tight, and you want to put residents into these homes. Our goal is to complete inspections within 7 days, most of the time we are able to schedule 309 inspections within a day or two of the order being placed.

Licensed Home Inspections

PSI is an IL Licensed Home Inspection Entity. Licensed home inspectors are employed by PSI. We work with the buyer to ensure they know exactly what they are purchasing. Giving them negotiating power in the real estate transaction, by uncovering every deficiency in the house possible, so repairs can either be taken care of by existing owner or credited in the purchase price. We also offer radon testing.

Compliance (Fee) Inspections

New homes financed through FHA are required by HUD to ensure FHA compliance with an independent inspection. A PSI approved Fee Inspector can also inspect repairs and sign the HUD Compliance Report required when an FHA Appraiser flags an issue needing repair as a condition of the FHA loan approval, as well as insurance claims on an FHA property.

VA Housing Compliance Inspections

PSI takes pride in assisting our veterans that have served this great country. Our work as Specially Adapted Housing Compliance Inspectors is the most rewarding work we perform. We ensure our Veterans are receiving the quality construction and specially adapted housing needs, they require and deserve.

HUD/FHA 203(k) Consultations

We work with the buyer to compile a list of FHA requirements that need to be met. Then, we look at the renovation work requested by borrower and prepare a cost estimate. The contractor bids on specifications we have written and once the loan closes, we start construction. PSI will then complete Draw Inspections and all of the remaining HUD/FHA forms for the lender.

ICC Certified Inspections

The ICC is nationally recognized by virtually all municipal, county and state government agencies as the standard for building codes and enforcement. All PSI Inspectors ensure compliance with building codes and property maintenance.


Thank you very much for everything. You’re doing great work for us and we appreciate your partnership.

Ashtin B. - Austin, TX

We thank you and appreciate all your support and information you had provided us with the new transition to Hud Codes.

Laurie O. - Bartlett, IL

I recommended your services based on the excellent service you have provided to our other clients.

Jim G. - Oswego, IL